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Gateway LT2104u

Post 19 September 2011
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If you’re looking for a cheap, stylish and multi-functional netbook, you’ll definitely like Gateway LT2104. It comes with LED backlit wide screen of 10.1 inches which makes this machine a remarkable one among other netbooks.

First of all, Gateway LT2104 has a very cute design. The thin screen of one inch and about 3 pounds of weight make this netbook very portable. Compared to laptops, Gateway is very compact machine. However, its keyboard has rather wide keys and allows fast and easy typing. Some users may complain that the keyboard is flat and is not ideal for using without looking on keys. But it is a matter of taste. Somebody likes standard keyboard, somebody doesn’t like.


Gateway LT2104u comes with either 160GB or 250GB SATA HDD. It is quite enough for an average user. You will be able to make an upgrade, downloading the full Microsoft Office package, and there will still remain much space for other stuff. Thanks to Intel N450 processor and optional 2GB RAM (max.), the LT2104u shows a good performance with multiple programs launched at the same time.

The battery life is extended, it provides 8 hours of instant working. It is more than enough in comparison with most of netbooks which have the same price and provide with 3 hours battery life only. If you periodically use it during a day and leave it in sleeping mode for a night, the battery will remain at 85% the following day.

The Gateway LT2104 will pleasantly surprise you with an awesome audio system. You will definitely enjoy watching videos on the clear LED screen with very good sound. The volume of this machine exceeds many other laptops, like Acer, with its sound clarity. There is also a microphone on the left side of 0.3 MP webcam.  The microphone is decent, however sometimes it lacks clarity. So, despite the fact that the speakers are excellent, the microphone is capable of improvement. This may be good enough for MSN video chat and/or for Skype, but too weak for conference calls, meetings on the go, etc.

The in-built 0.3MP webcam is easy to use. On LT2104 you have just to move your mouse to the top of the screen and start up the webcam. So, it becomes possible to begin video chatting or video recording fast and easy.

The LT2104 comes with basic Windows 7 Starter Edition. If you like, you can upgrade it to Home or even Ultimate to get more options. Windows 7 perfectly fits Gateway LT2104, being fast and responsive. What else is needed for on the go working?

In order to make this netbook even more responsive, the Gateway equipped it with the new Intel atom 450 processor. Being extremely powerful, it responds fast even in the sense of multitasking.

Speaking about other specifications we can emphasize its 250GB SATA hard drive and 1024MB DDR2 667MHz SDRAM Single Channel Memory. As most of the other netbooks and laptops, LT2104 had WI-FI connectivity, external ports like VGA connector and USB 2.0, Norton Internet Security™ 2009 (60-day trial) & Gateway Recovery Management, etc.

The Gateway LT2104 will become an ideal machine for on the go work. Use it for school, entertainment or your own business.

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