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Lenovo G570 15.6"

Post 08 September 2011
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Lenovo is a brand that is better recognizable for its business laptops’ models. However Lenovo succeeds in producing its line-up for home users.

Lenovo G570 is a budget model with an excellent design and good battery life. Being unnoticeable at first sight, it represents great features under its glossy black chassis. Its aluminum wrist rest and exclusive minimalistic design make Lenovo G570 look more expensive.

Intel’s Core i3 second generation processors are rather powerful in comparison with last year’s chips. So, despite the fact that the dual-core i3-2310m inside Lenovo G570 runs only at 2.1 GHz, it remains still capable to provide a solid performance in Windows.

An overall score is rather high for a budget laptop. Due to 4GB of RAM there are no problems with multitasking; everything is responsive, even when you have several applications running at one and the same time. Standard battery allows approximately 5 hours of instant working.

Graphics is provided by the integrated chip on Intel’s processor. You will be able to enjoy high-definition video play-back both on the laptop and external display. However it seems to be a little bit difficult to play modern games. You’ll have to configure a lot of detail settings in order to get a playable frame rate.

The glossy screen of this laptop takes much light reflections, however the image quality doesn’t sacrifice and remains rather impressive. If you configure brightness settings to its maximum, you’ll get accurate colors and high-definition contrast. The viewing angles are quite visible and the screen allows adjustment in order to choose the angle that suits you better.

Display is good for watching internet video or TV, but most probably you won’t be satisfied by the sound quality. Basic speakers of this laptop are its weak part. So, a pair of good headphones along with the G570 will make a good deal.

The QWERTY full-size keys make the keyboard of G570 very easy to work with. The Chiclet keys are spaced enough apart, so preventing typing errors. A numerical keypad is another advantage.

Touchpad is really large. It has a textured finish, which makes your mouse to move smooth.  There are two separate touchpad buttons, which provide enough tactile feedback. So, you always know and feel when you press one of them.

The price of Lenovo G570 is a bit higher than the price of a standard netbook. However, the performance gap is enormous. This model has everything you need from a laptop, including large keyboard, DVD writer and good battery life.

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