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Cold Weather Tips for Laptops

05 Sep 2011

Laptops are designed to work in temperature range of 10 – 35 degrees Celsius. (50 – 95 degrees Fahrenheit). This range is for both optimal and outside environment temperature. It is important that you protect your laptop from your cold weather. Not doing so may reduce the performance of the equipment.

1. Ruggedized laptops. If you will be working outside for longer periods of time in extreme weather and also if your budget allows go for a ruggedized laptop. These laptops have been especially designed to work under extreme conditions.

2. Careful storage. Do not leave laptop in trunk of vehicle in freezing weather. This may freeze the laptop and data may also be lost. It is also not advisable even if the device is well padded and insulated.

3. Let it warm up. Always allow the laptop to come acclimatize itself to the temperature of the place where it will be used before booting it.

4. Incorrect warming methods. Do not use pocket warmers or such devices to warm the laptop. These devices may warm the laptop from wrong places causing the components to melt internally.

5. Laptop warmers. Laptop warmers have been designed to keep your laptops warm. They have been tested and ensure the protection of your machine.

6. Excessive heat build-up. It is not recommended to use your laptop while it is still in its bag because there is no room for air to circulate. Always keep laptop on a raised platform to ensure that there is circulation. This will prevent the laptop from overheating. You can also develop your own box, but make sure that you keep laptop on a raised platform even in the box. The box will keep the heat inside thus keeping the device warm.

7. Protecting display. Do not use any heating pads or other sources of data to warm the display. If you are not sure whether the display is frozen or not allow it to acclimatize with the room or outside temperature. Do not boot the laptop until the display is warm and acclimatized to room temperature.

8. Stay out of cold. Keeping your laptop away from direct exposure to extreme weather conditions will help the keyboard from freezing. Also it will reduce the likeliness that any other problems related to extreme weather conditions will develop.

9. Change power settings. It is better to run your laptop as long as possible, even if not in use. Continuous running will keep the hard drive spinning and will produce heat. This will help the laptop to stay warm as continuous running will produce its own heat.

10. Don’t get creative. Do not make or use any devices on your own to keep your laptop warm. It may damage the device internally. Internal components may melt if heating is applied to wrong parts. It may also be damaged beyond repair.

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