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Laptop Safety Tips

05 Sep 2011

Proper use of your laptop ensures that your laptop will work properly. Improper use may cause irreparable damage. The following safety tips will help your laptop to stay productive and secure.

1. Shut it down

A laptop computer has to be shut down when not in use as it prevents it from overheating. Unlike desktop computer a laptop needs rest as well.

2. Adjusting power settings

Adjusting the power settings of your laptop will prevent it from heating. You can set your display and hard drive to turn off after set times if not in use. You can also set your laptop to switch to hibernate mode or go to standby if not in use for a particular set time.

3. Before packing your laptop

Before you pack your laptop in its bag, make sure that it is shut down. A notebook that has not been shutdown before packing can melt. It is possible because there is no circulation of air once it is enclosed in a bag.

4. Vent maintenance

It is important that you clean the air vents regularly if you want your device to perform efficiently. But be sure that you don’t push anything in the air vents. Air dusters can also be used to keep the vents clean and free from rubble.

5. Checking fan

ake sure that your laptops fan is working properly. You can also refer to the user manual to find out whether the fan is working properly or not. Also there are software’s available online for this very purpose.

6. BIOS updates

Some laptop computers use BIOS to control the fans. You can also verify BIOS updates, if any, from manufacturer’s website. If you are not able to update BIOS yourself then refer to a computer technician.

7. Avoid lap burn

It is preferred that you use a laptop cooler or desk. It helps the laptop to stay cool. A laptop desk will have vents for air circulation which will keep the laptop cool. Some laptop desks have fans which use the power from laptop to stay cool.

8. Soft spots

A hard surface helps with the ventilation and thus keeps the laptop cool. Soft materials may block the airflow and cause the device to overheat. Use a heat sink base if you cannot find a hard surface. Heat sink base will help the device to maintain cooling.

9. Unplug accessories

It is suitable to unplug any accessories when your laptop is not in use. This will not only save power but will also prevent the laptop from overheating. It is important that you unplug all the accessories when you pack your device in its bag. Not doing so may save time but it can also damage your laptop.

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