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05 Sep 2011

Laptop Warranties

Whenever you buy any electronic item it is of most important that just before the payment time make sure you had lend an eye to the warranty. So is the case for laptops, perhaps even more care is to be taken as the laptops that we know are far more advanced than any other electronic item that you may come across. You should know what the company offers you even after you make the purchases, it is very important that you buy a service that suits you otherwise the laptop may just be a ‘take away headache’.

Laptop Warranty coverage

Most of the companies that offer you great laptops usually cover for the problems already there before you made your hands into using it. These may include faulty keyboards, monitors, coverings or any other part of the laptop which was originally unfit.

The warranty may also tell you the reasons where your warranty becomes void, a broken seal or removed sticker maybe an end to your warranty altogether. In case where you already know details about the hardware of your laptop inside out and just want to add something yourself that may make the warranty void too.

What the warranty does not cover

The software or data loss is the headache of the user and not the company. Additionally damage due to dropping, breaking or even theft may be covered only by the insurance policy.

The warranty details will also usually mention the procedure to send back an unfit laptop, who is to bear the returning charges and the hotlines available for such a service.

Laptop Warranty: Term

You should always check when buying a laptop whether it is available for a year or more. It would be sensible to get a warranty which is more than a year and does not call for additional costs.

Laptop Warranty: International coverage

If you are one who has more traveling to do all around the world then it is obvious that you get a notebook with an international warranty. It is also known as limited coverage for the reason that the number of countries and different regions that offer the warranty are, but limited. In rare cases some parts may not be looked upon under warranty in particular zones.

It is also important to know how repairs have been intended to be carried out. You may go to the customer support center in the state you are in, or if required you may also need to go to the place of origin for repairs.

Repair and Service:

It would usually be mentioned how the repairs would be carried out and how the company wishes to replace the parts, either new or refurbished parts are to be used. It would be logical to look for new parts on new items if replacing needs are necessary.

Laptop Warranty: Used or Refurbished

Even if you buy used or refurbished items it is highly recommended that you look for some sort of warranty. Warranty in this case may not be long, some 30 days or 90 days would be the usual offerings.

Therefore we conclude that before you make your purchases on a crisp or used laptop always opt for one which offers you a warranty for atleast some time.

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